well....for those wondering what 2012 brought to the Cookie Drive, here are your totals: 

742 pounds of cookies

19 recipients

107 boxes

Thank you everyone for all your love and support you have shown to these brave men and woman, and for all the hard work you put into this annual cookie drive -

see you December 1, 2013 for our next installment !!!


2012 recipients list:

US Navy IC2 Erin Flores

US Navy Seabee 2nd Class Jeffrey LaRocca

US Army 2LT Joseph LaSata

US Navy MCSN George Penney III

USMC PFC Alex Dickant

 US Army SPC Kimberlee Ruppar


US Army SPC Alex Michaud

US Army SGT Sarah Swanson

USAF Senior Airman Alfred Daneault

Scott Mitchell, US Navy

USAF TSgt Jeffrey Szymanski





On Sunday November 27, 2011 from 11:00AM to 3:00PM we will be conducting a “Cookies for Camouflage” caign at American Legion Post 80 (downstairs), 566 Enfield Street, Enfield, CT. 

Our goal is to collect as many home baked or store bought goodies as we can to send to our troops in time for the holiday season (these will be sent to our Enfield deployed for them to share).  Please remember that chocolate chips melt in the desert heat (but I’m told that m&;m’s make the transition just fine!).  We will be boxing any goodies up right on site for mailing immediately following the event, so please have your donation in either a small box or bagged in a Ziploc-type bag for easier packing.  Our service members would love it if your donation included a small handwritten  note telling them where the goodies are from…notes from home go a long way in maintaining the morale of our soldiers!

If any civic group is interested in assisting with postage costs, it would be most welcome!!!  “Pennies for Postage” is a good slogan that works for children, and all funds go directly into the postage fund for the Enfield Hooah site to benefit our soldiers who are deployed.

If you are interested in helping, please contact me at the above listed contact information.  Thank you for your support of our brave men and women in uniform!

***if you know someone with ties to Enfield and would like to add him/her to our cookie list and/or the care package list, please contact me so we can start sending goodies from home to them as soon as possible***

This year's registered recipients for "cookies for camouflage" (at least thus far...):

Senior Airman Kyle Roy

Sgt Ryan Holloway

LCpl William "Brian" Stowe

Cpl Greg Caron (Greg is currently at Walter Reed, but as an intended recipient will receive a few boxes of cookies, thanks to the family for permission)

LCpl Christian McNair (no photo available) 

Cpl Reid Martin (no photo available)

Cpl Martin LaVigne (no photo available)

LCpl Tory Lussier (no photo available)

TSgt Derek Egerman (no photo available) 

SPC Jake Chipman (no photo available)

EOCN Heather Dehncke 

SGT Peter Mitchell    

MSgt David Surprenant (no photo available)

TSgt Aaron Bowman    

Lt. Nicholas Andrychowski  

 PFC Joe Hess       

PO3 Sam Chamberland        

 update for 2011's Cookies for Camouflage caign: 

we collected 551 pounds of baked goods in the four hours we were at American Legion Post 80's hall on 11/27, and over the next two days (and four post office trips) 52 boxes were mailed to 17 recipients.  Thank you so much, everyone, for your generosity, love, support, donations, and time- and special thanks to Tony Torres and the members of Post 80 for their hospitality- not even did we use their hall, but they fed us as well :-). 



In 2010 we ran the first "Cookies for Camouflage" caign and collected 346 pounds of baked goods for our troops:





















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